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Karndean Flooring

Karndean Flooring is the foundation of your dream space. With an array of styles, textures, and colours, our Karndean vinyl flooring seamlessly blends with any interior design, making it a perfect choice for those who refuse to compromise on quality.

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INSPIRE Showroom for Karndean Flooring

The ultimate showroom experience with a hub of inspiration

Karndean have a small number of dedicated Karndean Inspire Studios across the UK that are a new concept in retail showrooms offering a unique and fulfilling customer experience.

As a proud INSPIRE showroom for Karndean Luxury vinyl tile flooring, Top Notch Interiors is committed to bringing you the epitome of style and sophistication. Our Karndean collection is crafted to replicate the natural beauty of wood, stone, and other materials without those drawbacks. The durability and easy maintenance of Karndean Flooring makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial properties, allowing you to spruce up your space.

Our expert team at Top Notch Interiors is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you choose the perfect Karndean Flooring to complement your home or commercial property.

We understand that flooring is an investment, and with Karndean’s exceptional quality and our dedication to customer satisfaction, you can be confident that your floors will stand the test of time.

Karndean Flooring Styles

We stock a wide range of products from Karndean Van Gogh to the Karndean looselay and rigid core so that you can find the perfect fit. Our Karndean flooring styles cater to every preference and budget, ensuring everyone can enjoy the unique blend of design, comfort, and practicality that Karndean offers. If you need advice or simply have a general query, please get in touch with our customer service team today. We will be more than happy to help!

Karndean Flooring Styles

Easy Maintenance

The protective surface layer of Karndean floors adds to their durability and makes them easy to clean. Unlike hardwood floors, no sanding or finishing is required. Simply sweep or mop, and you can have your floor looking brand new in no time!

Healthier Living

Designed with health in mind, they are allergen-free and do not hold onto dust or bacteria, making them a great choice for those with allergies or asthma.


The vinyl construction makes it resistant to daily wear and tear, and its layered structure offers high resistance to impacts, scratches, and stains, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

Karndean LVT Flooring Room Suitability

As mentioned, Karndean vinyl tiles are incredibly versatile and often resemble realistic wood and stone flooring. This versatility is one of the main reasons LVT floors are suitable for a wide range of rooms!

Karndean suitability extends to nearly every space in your home, and the aesthetics of wood and stone flooring seamlessly integrate into any design scheme. Be it living rooms, where the inviting warmth and elegance of Karndean flooring creates a comfortable space for relaxation, or kitchens, where its resistance to spills and easy clean-up prove invaluable in a busy environment. Either way, you can be sure that this flooring is perfect for any high-traffic area and will be easy to clean and maintain.

Karndean Flooring Installation

Karndean Flooring Installation is simple and easy due to its innovative design. These luxury vinyl tiles can either be fully stuck to the floor with adhesive or our rigid core products can be installed over most hard floors, making it a practical and less disruptive option for home and commercial property changes.

During installation, a special adhesive is applied to the floor, and the Karndean tiles or planks are placed over the top. Some styles of Karndean flooring, such as the Looselay series, feature a unique friction grip backing that holds the product in place without needing adhesives, making it ideal for commercial spaces,

Our team at Top Notch Interiors are highly accredited by Karndean for installing both gluedown and rigid core, ensuring a smooth, professional finish every time. Trust us to care for your Karndean flooring installation – you’ll love the results!

Cleaning Karndean Flooring

Cleaning Karndean LVT flooring is as simple as regular sweeping or hoovering to remove loose dirt, combined with periodic mopping using a pH-neutral cleaner for a deeper clean. It’s as simple as that, there’s no hours-long cleaning routine, just a quick sweep and the occasional deep clean, and it’ll look as good as new!

For stubborn stains, a non-abrasive cleaner suitable for vinyl floors can be used, and it’s recommended to use protective pads under heavy furniture and doormats to reduce dirt, scratches, and dents. If the floor begins to look a little dull, Karndean’s Floor Refresh product can restore its original shine, ensuring its continued elegance and beauty.

Gluedown Ranges

Exclusive to INSPIRE order your FREE full size samples below

Van Gogh - Wood

Van Gogh - Wood

Van Gogh - Stone

Van Gogh - Stone

Knight Tile - Wood

Knight Tile - Wood

Knight Tile - Stone

Knight Tile - Stone

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Karndean Flooring FAQs:

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Karndean flooring below:

Absolutely! Karndean flooring offers a unique blend of style, durability, and easy maintenance, making it a worthwhile investment. It’s designed to last for years, replicating the look of natural materials like wood and stone while providing a practical alternative that’s easier to care for. When you consider the longevity and the aesthetic appeal of Karndean, it’s clear that it represents excellent value for money. The Karndean Knight Tile, Karndean Van Gogh, Karndean Da Vinci, Karndean Art Select and Karndean Opus are all excellent choices.

What sets Karndean flooring apart is its ability to combine the natural beauty of wood and stone with the practical benefits of luxury vinyl. This means you get an authentic and stylish look without worrying about the challenges often associated with natural materials, such as moisture damage or complex maintenance. A Karndean floor and its realistic designs make it a standout choice for residential and commercial spaces, as they can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Karndean and Amtico are excellent choices for luxury vinyl flooring, and the best one depends on your preferences and needs. If you prefer a glossier, more luxurious finish, Karndean might be the better choice for you, as their designs tend to have a shinier finish than the matte finish of Amtico. Both offer a variety of designs and are known for their compatibility with underfloor heating and easy maintenance, so you can’t go wrong with either choice. It’s all about which one fits your style and requirements best.

Yes, you can mop Karndean flooring. Mopping is one of the recommended methods for cleaning Karndean floors. It’s best to use a damp mop rather than a soaking wet one, and always use a pH-neutral, non-abrasive floor cleaner. Karndean also offers a range of specially formulated cleaning products designed specifically for their flooring, which can help maintain your floor’s appearance and longevity. It’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as they can potentially damage the surface of the flooring.